Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

May I download these Knowledge Center resources?

Yes, but the resources are not to be reproduced for distribution or for sale.

Is there a cost for accessing these Knowledge Center resources?

Subscription to the Knowledge Center is provided as a complimentary value-added service for all employees of ABHE member institutions as well as affiliate and associate schools. For all others, the subscriptions price is $50 per year for unlimited access. As applicable, please contact resources@abhe.org to receive your appropriate discount code.  

When are new resources added to this Knowledge Center library?

Additional resources are added on a regular basis, especially after fall leadership conferences and the February Annual Meeting based on various presentations.  Submissions are welcome from anyone; additions are posted subject to editorial review for quality and relevance.  Please submit to resources@abhe.org. 

Do the articles included in the Knowledge Center represent the official position of ABHE?

Resources are offered as helpful insights by respected authorities on the various subjects addressed. The opinions and views expressed in the posted articles do not necessarily represent the official position of ABHE on any given topic.

Who do I contact with questions regarding resources?

Email any questions to resources@abhe.org