Effective Collaboration: A Key Factor in Economic Sustainability In Higher Education

The Covid-19 pandemic has powerfully illustrated the extraordinary connectedness of the world in ways and at levels previously considered unimaginable. Notable elements powering this connectedness have been the emergence of the internet and the range of options afforded because of this remarkable, essentially free, global communications system. Beyond that, the drop in the comparative cost per mile of international travel has radically changed the dynamics of business, missions, and trade. To be able to use a credit card at an ATM to download local currency, whether it is Hong Kong or Cape Town, is a graphic example of both extraordinary technical, policy, and economic changes unthinkable even fifty years ago. Alongside these startling developments there has been the back side of innovation. On the dark side, security has taken on implications that call for completely new forms of diligence. And, with new opportunity, demands for collaboration have escalated.
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