How Close is Too Close?

This narrative inquiry explores the depths and intricacies of teacher-student relationships at the post-secondary level and asks the question, “How close it too close?” A college sophomore tells the story of his childhood and formative years, including the challenges he faced and the implications for both his current life setting and his future ministry. Josh’s voice represents the diverse needs our students bring to the table, while analysis allows us to investigate appropriate responses as teachers in higher education. Through the telling of his story, the researcher hopes not only to raise issues surrounding boundary development in the classroom, but also shed light on more collaborative models of learning. Both Jewish and monastic schools of thought are mentioned as possible models for Christian educators who seek to think about education as a more communal endeavor. Through better understanding of ourselves and our students, along with openness in collegial relationships, we will be able to discover the amount of investment we may and must offer our students.
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