“We Teach from a Biblical Perspective!”: Practical Teaching Strategies for Faith-Learning Integration in the Classroom

Faith-learning integration has been the hallmark of evangelical higher education. While this may have been recently questioned and challenged even by some evangelicals, it remains a consistent piece of the institutional DNA for institutions within the Bible College tradition. Faith-learning integration is indeed part of the education vision of the Bible college movement and the Association of Biblical Higher Education. S. A. Witmer identified the Bible as the centerpiece of the curriculum, one reason being that “the Bible provides a unifying center for all knowledge (Witmer, 1962, p. 94).” ABHE executive director Ralph Enlow, with Robert Ferris, contended, “Biblical thinking does not automatically accompany profession of faith. . . . Integration occurs when individuals with a significant level of biblical and theological mastery conceptualize and articulate a biblical critique of the central assumptions, methodologies, and conclusions within their discipline
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