Spiritual Transformation at Baptist Bible College

This pilot study of 76 undergraduate students investigated how a formal spiritual assessment program might be implemented at Baptist Bible College using a modified version of the Wesleyan Wellness Profile and comparing the results with the school’s strategic plan. The mean age of the students was 19 with a range of 18-24. Forty-two females and 33 males completed the survey. The study analyzed the level of students’ spiritual transformation, their rating of the Bible college experience, and the correlation between the two using a Likert-type scale ranging from one to six. Results indicate the level of students’ spiritual transformation was high ranging from a mean of 4.94 to 5.68. Students think the Bible college experience does contribute to their spiritual growth (Mean 4.71, SD=0.520). Suggestions are given for how BBC and similar institutions may benefit from use of this spiritual assessment survey.
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