Transforming Christian Leadership: The Christian Use of Power in a Postmodern World

When it comes to considering the Christian use of power, whether in a postmodern world or in any context, the example of Christ in going to the Cross, let alone in how he lived his life, informs leaders how they should use power. The necessity of the Cross reminds us of how inherently selfish, power-hungry, and relationally-dysfunctional we all can be, whether as leaders or in the population at large. We live in a fallen world and we exercise leadership as flawed people, even if redeemed and made in God’s image. Therefore, our attitude in exercising leadership and in interacting with the people we lead should come with a spirit of humility and awareness of our own weakness. The Son of God achieved his earthly mission by taking on the vulnerability of humanness, including enduring the humility and horror of death by crucifixion. We need leaders today who are more concerned about their character than a show of strength based around their competencies or charisma. Our leadership must emerge out of the self-denying, taking up of our cross to follow Christ and not out of a domestification of God to suit our own dreams and goals.
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