The End of Biblical Higher Education

In my previous three posts, I have attempted to summarize three of four distinctive aspects of the segment of North American Christian higher education we call biblical higher education. Without implying exclusivity, our collective understanding of the essential ethos of our segment of Christian higher education has become crystallized in terms of the following four concepts: biblicaltransformationalexperiential, and missional. You can read about our take on biblicaltransformational, and missionaleducation by accessing my last three posts. Here we turn to the fourth and final distinctive.

History’s Destiny

We engage intentionally and pervasively in missional higher education. We maintain that an authentically biblical worldview compels all believers—regardless of present or future occupation—to understand their personal vocation within the context of history’s destiny: the day of consummation when present reality in heaven—the kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ—becomes lived reality on earth.

— Ralph Enlow | 4thoughtleaders Blog

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